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    Host a workshop, and get a 5% discount with your hostess order.

    To set-up an in-home workshop or 1:1 contact Elizabeth at:
    Santa Clara Adult Education Center Class

        Basic Home Repair I    

    Elizabeth will be teaching the following classes at the Santa Clara Adult Education Center (Select "Adult Education" from the menu then "Development") during the Summer and Fall Semesters. A new class has been added – Introduction to Small Power Tools. Classes are popular, so sign up early!!


    Register at SCAE office or on line at:

    Trainer’s Home Workshop Schedule

    Have an idea for a workshop? Let us know by e-mailing ( or call 408-247-5202.

    Thinking about hosting a workshop? Click here for more information

    Note: Please remember, all homeowners are welcomed to attend. Our workshops are open to both women and men. Having the necessary skills to maintain a home is necessary to every homeowner.
       What is a Workshop? top

    At in-home demonstrations called Workshops (“Tool Parties”), guests see products and basic home improvement repairs in action, learn simple and cost efficient techniques and solutions and gain confidence to tackle a basic home improvement project on their own. Some of the demonstrations include basic tiling, basic drywall and plaster repair, leaky faucet and toilet repair and basic woodworking and trim molding.

    Don’t want to host a workshop or have the time for one? Just let us know and we can arrange for a 1:1 session for product info and a quick demo. We are always happy to accommodate your needs and requirements.

    DIH provides workshops throughout Northern California.

    To set up an in-home Workshop or 1:1, please contact Elizabeth at

      Workshop Listing top

    Tools & Use
    Basic Tomboy Tools, Kits and Products Presentation and Demo
    Tools 101 - Basic Tool Use & Safety

    Homeowner 101 - Know Your Home
    Home Maintenance Calendar
    Install Blinds, Curtain Rods and Hardware
    Installing a Lockset or Handle set

    Basic Plumbing
    Toiletology 101 - Repair & Replace a Toilet
    Replace a Showerhead and Handles

    Installing Ceramic Tile

    Dry Wall
    Drywall and Drywall Patching
    Hanging Pictures and Basic Wall Anchors

    Basic Painting

    Basic Lawn Care

    Basic Home Electrical

    Basic Wood Working Skills

    Car Basics & Safety

      Hosting a Workshop top
    So you are thinking of hosting a Workshop? Here is what you need to know:

    Tomboy Tools was created to provide the highest quality tools and home improvement techniques for women, empowering them to become confident and competent homeowners.

    Tomboy Tools offers a variety of hand tools for home improvement projects and the tools are bundled in several different kits. Our products are presented through home improvement demos, which allow your guests at your Workshop to learn new skills and find solutions to common home maintenance problems. A Tomboy Tools Trainer will come to your home to present the workshop.

    What to expect from an in-home workshop

    Training: Learn to fix common home repair problems, acquire skills in DIY areas and learn tips to make any job easier.

    Tools: Get hands-on experience using Tomboy Tools. Try the feel of a well-balanced, ergonomic grip tools, especially made for women. See the newest products with demonstrations of the tasks you really face in maintaining your home.

    Ideas: Your Tomboy Tools Trainer will provide you with project ideas and tips for your home

    Web Support: Tomboy Tools backs up their Trainers with a website where you can talk to other women like yourself who are learning to increase their skills and take on the challenges of home management

    Earn Free Products

    As the host, you are eligible for Workshop Credits, which can be used to purchase free Tomboy Tools products. Remember, as your Workshop grows, so do your Workshop Credits. The sales from your In-Home Workshops (including yours) determine the amount of free Tomboy Tools products you receive. When your Workshop sales reach $200.00, you begin to accumulate Workshop Credits. And, of course, the higher the sales, the higher the credits!

    How to get started

    Create your invitation list – wondering you to invite? Here are some suggestions:

    • Friends
    • Relatives
    • Co-workers, former co-workers
    • Neighbors
    • Parents of your children’s friends
    • Teachers
    • Service providers (your hairstylist, dentists, etc.)
    • Friends from organizations/clubs
    • New Homeowners
    • New Graduates
    • People you would like to get to know better
    Tips for success:
    • Invite 10-15 friends with a few extras in mind in case of last minute cancellations
    • Invite everyone! Carry invites and reminder notes with you to pass out as you meet people
    • Follow up with your guests one week before and the day before the show to remind them of the event.
    • Ask your guests if they have questions about home repair and bring them to the workshop
    • Feel free to offer light refreshments or snacks
    • Be Positive! When women begin to learn about home repair projects and tools, they leave the workshops feeling like their time and money was well spent.

    Ready to book a workshop? Pencil in a date with us! Click here to set up your workshop date