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Introducing – Home Coaching Services!

A new service is now available – Home Coaching. If you want to tackle it yourself, but still don’t have the confidence, we will help and teach you every step of the way. We have a commitment to you – to help you learn, achieve your goals, build a successful skill set and achieve the sense of accomplishment experienced by women tackling home projects. Knowing there is someone there standing next to you gives that little piece of confidence we need to achieve results.

For an hourly fee or by project, we will stand by your side, lend a hand, coach you and help you with your home project. Replace the fear factor with a sense of achievement and empowerment. Contact us to schedule coaching time.

Wishlists Now Available!
Send us an e-mail with your name and wishlist items and DIH will create a gift profile. Great for birthdays, Mother's Day, and Christmas.
Have an idea for a workshop you would like to see? Let us know by sending us an e-mail.