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    Home Maintenance Calendar

    September - Early Fall

    • Paint the inside of your house if needed
    • Clean the garage … I’m a big fan of recycling. Look into “” in your area. Help yourself and at the same time help others!
    • Organize tools and garden equipment. Get ready for early fall home maintenance activities.
    • Remove ``pop-up'' drain plugs and clean.
    • Check for leaks at valves at the following areas:
      1. Anywhere water enters the house
      2. At outdoor faucets and any valves to fixtures, such as, toilets, bathroom & kitchen sinks, bar, etc.
      3. Turn each off and on several times to make certain they operate properly.
    • Inspect grout around sinks, tubs and showers. Repair or replace damaged areas.
    • Clean patio furniture and prepare for winter storage. Protect metal surfaces with auto polish. Refinish wood surfaces as needed.
    • Drain hot water heater. Flush and refill (this is something that should be done every 6 months)
    • Change the furnace filter
    • Wash out garbage cans, disinfect, rinse thoroughly
    • Check basement for cracks or leaks. Seal if necessary.
    • If you have a sump pump, test, clean and lubricate.
    • For plants that are starting to die back, remove litter and deadhead flowers.
    • Add compost, manure, and mulch to garden beds.
    • Plant late autumn vegetables like cabbage, peas, spinach, and swiss chard.
    • Divide perennials, iris, and bulbs
    • Remove sick or dead trees and shrubs.
    • Seed lawn if your yard has patchy spots. Fertilizing now also encourages good root development.
    Do your "fall" cleaning now before the chilly weather sets in and enjoy a clean house for the holidays.