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About Do-It-Herself

Elizabeth has over 20 years in the facilities, construction and project management fields in Silicon Valley. The last major construction project she handled was a ground up, build to suit Headquarters campus for a high tech company.

Being in a male dominated field was not the easiest career, but the enjoyment of designing, creating and seeing a physical finished project has always been a calling for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth over the course of the years has seen a lack of education, tools, services as well as respect for women, not only in the construction/facilities areas, but as homeowners, renters and just plain do-it-herselfers. Needless to say, walking into your local home improvement stores can sometimes be mind boggling and intimidating.

That’s why Elizabeth created “Do-It-Herself”. In conjunction with a wonderful tool resource and education that Tomboy Tools provides, Elizabeth is hoping she will be a resource to any woman out there that is ready to tackle a ‘do-it-herselfer’ job. In the future, Elizabeth plans to expand “Do-It-Herself” to provide home and construction services.

TOMBOY TOOLS™ was founded to provide tools and home improvement techniques for women. We are working every day to be a total home improvement solution for YOU, the female do-it-yourselfer.In the beginning, we were just a group of women working on various home improvement projects that got together to lament the fact that retail hand tools and those warehouse workshops don't work for us. The simple fact is that most hardware companies are antiquated in their approach to women. Most figure that in order to appeal to women, you just take a tool made for a man and make it pink. Hello!

Our company is very different from the run of the mill home improvement retailers. We advocate education and have an internal culture that supports women in becoming confident, competent homeowners--our new definition of TOMBOY!

We are headquartered in Denver, Colorado and our entire staff is made up of female homeowners and do-it-yourselfers! We definitely use what we sell and practice what we teach!

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